Friday, February 12, 2010

A Few Things I'm Loving...

Happy Friday!

In honor of Valentine's Day this weekend, I wanted to leave you with a few things I am currently loving in the world of interiors:

Okay, this is not related to interiors but I had to share. I know I've posted about my love for Trader Joe's, so I was ecstatic when I came across this TJ Cookbook on Urban Outfitters!

Love this ottoman pouf from Serena and Lilly. I think this would be a fun punch of color in any room. They also have these in a fabulous orange, turquoise and green!

These stools from Pottery Barn are so handsome and rugged. A pair of these would be perfect by a fireplace.

I've never been a fan of the Home Shopping Network, but Nate Berkus has changed my mind! He has come out with a few new products including this fantastic mirror. I love the patina on it, even if it is engineered.

Lastly, I was catching up on a little reading during this snowy week, and I came across a wonderful passage about fireplaces from one of my new favorite books/resources, A Pattern Language. Obviously I have a slight obsession with fireplaces, and this passage, which is originally from Gaston Bachelard's book, The Psychoanalysis of Fire, supports my theory on the necessity of fireplaces in a home.

"The fire confined to the fireplace was no doubt for man the first object of reverie, the symbol of repose, the invitation to repose. One can hardly conceive of a philosophy of repose that would not include a reverie before a flaming log fire. Thus, in our opinion, to be deprived of a reverie before a burning fire is to lose the first use and the truly human use of fire. To be sure, a fire warms us and gives us comfort. But one only becomes fully aware of this comforting sensation after quite a long period of contemplation of the flames; one only receives comfort from the fire when one leans his elbows on his knees and holds his head in his hands. This attitude comes from the distant past. The child by the fire assumes it naturally. Not for nothing is it the attitude of the Thinker. It leads to a very special kind of attention which has nothing in common with the attention involved in watching or observing. Very rarely is it utilized for any other kind of contemplation. When near the fire, one must be seated; one must rest without sleeping; one must engage in reverie on a specific object..."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who would have thought?

I spent two hours shoveling yesterday evening, and we are gearing up for another 12 - 18" of snow! One way we are keeping warm and sane is with this little black box of wine. I know boxed wine has been the butt of many jokes in the past, but desperate times calls for desperate measures. This specific brand is actually really good wine, and it contains the equivalent of 4 bottles! It's dangerous though with its little is so accessible. I feel like we have one of those fresh water jugs but instead its filled with the delicious nectar of grapes!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogs, Books, and Snow

We have been surviving the "Blizzard of 2010" with lots of movies, good food, wine and thankfully heat and electricity! I always love when it snows because it seems to quiet everyone's souls. We took a 3 hour adventure outside yesterday to snap some photos, enjoy the beauty of the winter wonderland and stopped into the grocery store to restock our fridge.

The view from our front door. You can hardly see our mailbox!

A bit of perspective - the Mister is 6'4" and the snow was up to his knees!

Rock Creek Parkway

All out of meat

The frozen creek on Rock Creek.

I woke up this morning a bit sore from our long was quite the workout to trudge through snow up to your knees, but I felt a sense of accomplishment having worked off all the calories from all the wine and chocolate chip cookies we made.

I have taken advantaged of being snowed in to catch up on various design blogs and books. I recently read through my new book, Downtown Chic, and I've been meaning to post about it. I know this book has been heavily noted on other blogs, but I feel the need to chime in my thoughts too because this book is so fantastic!

Lets just say it makes me want to buy a fixer-upper and have six cool kids...I think the Mister is okay with that plan :)...oh and a Vespa wouldn't hurt too.

Essentially, this ubber cool couple, who has a brood of six, has spent the last 10 years buying run-down buildings and renovating them into beautiful works of art. Not only do they have an amazing creative eye, but they also believe in some wonderful philosophies such as:

1. Decorate with flea market finds. It's the easiest way to bring charm to a house affordably.

2. Sixx Design's Credo:
Experiment : Take risks: Have fun: Explore: Change: Invent: Change again

3. Kids' Parties - "Four-year-0lds don't need RSVPs. Kids are there to celebrate their friend's birthday, not to receive extravagant goody bags. We always serve beer and wine to the adults, but never to the kids. Never get your face too close to the stick when it's time for the pinata. When asked how I throw so many birthday parties for my children, I answer, "I bake a cake and invite a bunch of kids."

4. Mix high and low.

High: Goose feather lamp, oil painting above bed, matching fabric for curtains and bed frame.

Low: $25 nightstand from a garage sale, painted white, statue and vase from flea market, throw pillows from Target.

5. Use art you already own - this could be from flea markets to old travel poster to your own kids' works of art.

This is a collection of their kids' artwork that they shrunk and affixed to a large piece of white board. Many of their art aficionados gravitated toward this piece and asked if it was done by a well-known artist!

I could go on and on, but it's definitely a book that is incredibly inspirational and I highly recommend you add it to your library!

(all photos from Downtown Chic)