Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Font Fun

Having graphic design in my background, I have always been fond of fonts. I love stationary, cards, posters, signs, etc. Fonts are the body language of letters - a curve here, a funny angle there - a font can communicate so much about a place, a store, a restaurant, a person. You get the picture.

So I was estatic when I came across this awesome, easy to use new online tool that allows you to write in your own personal alphabet using your own handwriting style to create a personalized font that you can use to send emails. The website is called PilotHandwriting.

You simply print out a template, write in the letters, then scan/or photo the template, upload it to the computer and voila! Your own font. Here is the how-to video:

Here is what mine looks like, although I think I wrote them in too small:

Now I just can't get distracted all afternoon creating new fonts!