Saturday, December 19, 2009

Inspiration on a Snowy Day

We've have about 13" of snow here today, and it's still snowing, folks. The Mister and I have decided to stay in and watch Christmas movies, bake cookies, and get the rest of our present wrapped. We love our cozy hobbit home, but this is where the fireplace I posted about a few days ago would be the cherry on top of our snowed-in day. One day....

I also wanted to direct your attention to this fabulous idea from Erika of Urban Grace. In a client's dining room, she has hung several glass lanterns of similar design across the ceiling. The lanterns will hang above a sideboard. I love this idea, and kudos to Erika who is such an amazing and talented designer. Take a look behind the scenes as to how she came up with this original idea!

(image via Urban Grace)

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