Sunday, January 17, 2010

52 Degrees and Dreaming

I love the fall and winter seasons because they call for cozy environments, lots of coffee, comfort food and tall boots and warm sweaters. However, I'm a beach girl at heart, and with this 50 degree weather we've been having I've been dreaming about warm weather vacations and new swimsuits to wear while I'm lounging on the beach.

I'm LOVING this sharp, graphic suit from Urban Outfitters:

One of my dreams/goals is to own a beach cottage one day. I don't need anything fancy, just four walls, a couple of bedrooms and beach front property. I think the charm in a beach house is that it's a place where you can carry sand into the house and eat pimento cheese sandwiches while sitting on the sofa in your wet bathing suit.

I've had these photos of this house below in my files forever. I believe they were from a past Domino magazine. I think the layout and design of this place captures the essence of a beach vacation home. I love how everything is bare, yet it's still inviting with the upholstered, mismatched furniture. It's a place where you could have a large family with tons of kids running around and not worry about getting fingerprints on the glass or sand in the floorboards.


  1. We love the idea of your owning a beach house. Dad says to make sure it has room for us! If you supply the house, we will supply the mis-matched furniture! All we have to do is clean out the attic! We will even throw in a couple of snazzy swimsuits for the entire family! Is it a


  2. I second that! I'll even clean out the attic, free of charge, to speed up the process. I'm great at finding "treasures" in the deep, dark corners of the attic!