Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Monika, and I’m going to be interning for Kathryn at Haddon Interiors this summer! :) I’m fresh out of college and have decided to change paths and try my hand in the interior design business. I have always had an innate passion for all things interior design (you should have seen how long I spent perusing Craigslist for those perfect pieces of furniture for my first apartment) and finally came upon the realization that it was possible for me to turn that love into a career. I stumbled upon the Haddon Interiors website and immediately knew Kathryn was someone I’d love to work with; the rest is history!

I will be blogging occasionally for the rest of the summer so keep an eye out. I could not be more excited for this internship! It’s already off to an amazing start, which is to be expected when you have such a great boss ;) Thanks everyone and see you back here soon!

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  1. Hi Monika! You are right - you have a GREAT boss and I'm so happy for you to work alongside of Kathryn. What great experience - Here's to a fun summer!