Monday, November 7, 2011

To Market, To Market....

It's taken me about a week and a half to catch up on work since I've returned from market. I usually go to the High Point Market in the spring as it occurs twice a year, but I decided to go this fall to see if there was a difference. I found some wonderful new items and vendors, but I felt the energy was a bit lower at market than typically in the spring. I'm sure the economy has something to do with it (you can blame the economy for most things these are having a bad hair day? Blame it on the economy:). However, I still came away feeling inspired and excited about incorporating some of these new furniture items into future projects.

I thought I'd just let the photos do most of the talking with just a few remarks from me:

The BeeLine Home showroom was probably my favorite discovery this market. The renowned designer of this furniture line, Bunny Williams, is a true artist. Every piece in her collection is unique and has a successful combination of sophistication paired with whimsy.

I love the base on this table. This would be perfect for a banquet/breakfast nook.

Love the scale and smart personality of this stools.

This small side table is a great balance of masculine and feminine. I'd take that rug too!

I have long been a fan of Bobo Intriguing Objects since they hit big on the market scene a few years ago. I always look forward to seeing what treasures have been discovered on their European expeditions.

I can easily picture a pair of these fabulous chandeliers outside on a loggia or sun room.

I was captivated by these chemist beakers turned into pendants and the way the natural light made them sing!

This carved Indian door would be amazing in a specific-project. I could see a pair of these mounted on rollers (similar to the barn doors we've seen all over the magazines) that would lead into a dining room. If you have a house that fits the bill, please call me!!!

If I could fill my entire house with art from Natural Curiosities, than I would have died and gone to heaven. The masterminds behind this company have mastered the concept of object d' art. Every year, I literally run to this showroom to see what creative new pieces they have found to portray as art. This year did not disappoint.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this pair of preserved moss panels. The texture and color just burst off the wall. I overhead one of the sales reps explaining it took years for them to figure out how to preserve the moss so that it didn't turn brown. How awesome would these be in an large, glassed-in sitting room? It elevates the idea of" bringing the outside in" to a whole other level!

Again, a diptych of an over scaled botanical. In this case, go big or go home, is the way to go. I want these for my dining room!

I kept hearing wonderful things about Duralee's furniture line, but I was not familiar with it. After taking a tour through their showroom, I cannot wait to use this line. Duralee has found a way to offer wonderful upholstery pieces that are quality-made at a reasonable price.

This ottoman isn't just a looker, but watch what it can do. Wait for it...

Bam! You've got a twin size bed ready for guests! This piece is perfect for small, city-living.

Wright Table Company is a family owned company that exudes the pure spirit of American-made furniture. Their designs are beautiful in their simplicity.

I fell in love with this gorgeous coffee table. Wait until you can see what it can do...

By lifting the table up and towards you, this coffee table turns into a dining table! Perfect for a bachelor pad. I love how they have made the weights below look industrial chic so it doesn't take away from the overall design, but rather it's part of it's beauty.

This company has found a way to create furniture and accessories that are glamorous but still feel accessible.

Love, love, love. Reminiscent of mid-century modern, this coffee table is not only functional but it's sculputural in its design.

These pendants are just flat out amazing. What a statement piece!

Herm├ęs orange was a huge color at market this year.
Love the fresh take on this classic chair.

Talk about furniture with personality, Oomph has created a line of fun, preppy furniture that can be customized in more colors than you can imagine!

"THE" Gossip Chair by Oomph. If you have a large, long living room, using a chair like this would be a great way to break up the room into two conversational spaces. I could also see this in a child's playroom in a little reading nook.

*All the furniture highlighted above is available only to the trade. If you are interested in any of these pieces, please contact me for pricing.

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