Monday, February 6, 2012

Just my luck....

That's a dramatic photo, I know. But this post calls for a dramatic photo of a crying woman (unfortunately, I don't look this glamorous when I get upset, I just get the ugly face).

I had this inkling earlier today to check the Virginia Johnson website to see if my scarf was still on sale. I clicked on the site, and it was $95.00!!!!! Hollar!!! $100 off of the original $195.00. Not one to shy away from "deals" I put that sucker into my cart and checked out dreaming of all the ways I would wear this magical scarf.

However, I just received an email from a polite customer service rep. letting me know that that particular pattern is unfortunately out of stock. &*$(%$#.

Why would you keep it up on the site then and trick innocent, kind women like me to think that they could have their hot little fingers on this piece of work in 3-5 days? Why?

So now I'm back to calling the John Derian store to see if they still have the scarf and if by chance it's on sale....back to square 1.

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