Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good Riddance 2012

I'm thankful for a fresh start every year. Of course 2012 was filled with highs and lows, but for some reason I'm really excited to welcome in 2013 with wide, open arms.

Haddon Interiors had an exciting year last year as we started a few fabulous projects that I hope to have photographed some time this year (projects can easily take up to a year to be photo-ready), and my amazing new assistant, Lindsay, joined the team. The office is much more alive when Lindsay graces it with her presence, and I'm more sane when she is here. 

New house projects are on the way for the Ivey household too. After 2.5 years post 1st renovation, we are now heading into phase 2. I'm finally getting built-in bookcases in the living room, and our future guests will be delighted that they don't have sleep amongst the pile of books in the corner of the guest bedroom. We are replacing our dilapidated front walk with beautiful flagstone, replacing all our interior (hollow) doors with proper paneled, solid wood doors, and I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more surprise projects if the budget allows. It's a work in process. 

Cheers to 2013!

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  1. Excited to see your renovations take place! The bookshelves will be so gorgeous in your living room...