Friday, October 2, 2009

Taylor Deli on H Street

The other night the Mister and I grabbed a bit to eat down on H St. at the new Taylor Deli. Now let me provide you with a bit of context. The NE area of H St. has traditionally been a dirty, crime ridden area. However, in the past few years DC has pushed for the revitalization of this area through a jump start program called Great Streets Initiative. This initiative offers chunks of cash to local businesses on H Street in hopes of turning the area around, and I think it's working!

When we stepped inside, I felt as if I had been transported to an ├╝ber cool eatery in Brooklyn, NY. I was instantly attracted to the design of the place. It's very much industrial chic meets Eco-friendly. The space is filled with recycled wood and steel, and I LOVED the reclaimed wood paneling all around paired with the exposed brick. The other cool part of this place, is that the owners, Casey Patten and David Mazza (friends since middle school), live above the store in their respective apartments. The deli also caught the eye of Dwell Magazine who did an article on them. You can check out the article and slide show here.

This place is inspirational! Now, does anyone need a designer for an urban, industrial home???

(all images via Dwell Magazine)

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  1. I love this place! I remember fawning over it in the mag, so happy to see it again. Bachelor pads done right.