Friday, September 10, 2010

Avery Art

I'm back from our relaxing vacation but jumped right back into finishing up some last minute house projects, hosting some of our favorite friends for Labor Day and picking up more a few more client projects. I think I need another vacation!

I was going to take some more shots of the house today, but I've got our floor guys here finishing up the shoe molding so rather than dodging around them to get the best shots, I'm gonna have to leave you waiting just a little bit longer...I'm sorry!

However, I did want to share with you a wonderful art dealer and resource that has recently relocated to Washington, DC. I met with Evelyn Avery of Avery Fine Art yesterday in her new, permanent showroom on M Street in the West End building. Evelyn is a wonderful, Southern soul with a fantastic eye for art and framing. She used to be based out of Atlanta and traveled to DC a couple times a year where she held a temporary showroom space at The Willard Hotel. However, DC came a' calling and she is now full-time here in the nation's capital!

With Evelyn's discerning eye for great art, she collects prints, paintings, and photographs of some of the most beautiful art. Not only does Avery Fine Art provide the art, they also are experts in custom framing. They have a wide arrangement of custom, handmade frames that can be fit to any piece of art whether it's an Avery piece or a priceless piece of your own. I look forward to using Avery Fine Art for potential clients!

A great variety of subjects.

Old Japanese Textiles. This series would a great punch of color to any room and add patina.

Beautiful nude. This would look exceptional in a bathroom or bedroom.

Watercolor art work for a kid's room.

Gorgeous handmade frames. A beautiful frame can really bring out the best in a piece of art.

Evelyn informed me they are branching out and doing headboards as well. Here is a classic queen-size headboard she created.

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