Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Early New Year Resolution

Where the heck have I been you ask? Busy. Plain and simple. I do hate that my blog posts have been so infrequent, but the good news is that I've been busy with client work. I also just returned from hearing Micheal Boodro, the Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor magazine, speak at the Washington Design Center this morning. He spoke about Elle Decor's efforts to keep up with the new-media frontier aka. the Internet and the demands that the Internet puts on the design world. Let me tell you, it was a kick in the pants for me!

With the so many great design resources online now, both clients and designers have inspiration and resources at their fingertips. Immediacy and instant gratification are the new expectation. I have a whole other post to write about that, but just note that for now. Elle Decor is staying ahead with their recent revamp of their web site Elledecor.com. It now offers "look books"of different rooms, links to popular articles that are in their current issues, archives, and even a Designer Registry where a potential client can search within their area to find a designer that fits their needs - this is obviously a great tool for the designer to in reaching out to new clients.

All this got me thinking. I'm on Facebook, I try to Twitter, and well, I struggle to blog. Michael's lecture has put a fire under my rear, and I'm publicly committing to blog and Twitter at least 3 times a week. I think that is fair. I am a designer first and foremost, so my client work takes priority, but I also desire to share with you my projects, resources, and experiences. I've got some exciting projects to share in the near future plus some past experiences I need to post. So stayed tune. I promise!

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