Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fruits of Labor

One of my favorite parts of my job besides creating the design plan for a space is picking up items from the workroom and delivering them to the client. It's like Christmas for me and I hope the same for my clients. I thought I'd share a few fun things I delivered to a couple of my clients today.

*I apologize for the poor quality on the photos - I just had my iPhone on me.

I've been working on a condo for the past year, and today I delivered a few more finishing touches.

I had this small secretary (utilized as a side table/desk) painted. It's a fun, whimsical addition to the room. Something to note - when having furniture professionally painted, it is best to use an oil-base paint as it creates a hardened layer and it is more difficult to chip than acrylic paint.

I purchased these coral velvet pillows a while back but added some tassel trim to make them a bit more exciting.

I had some lumbar pillows made in the same fabric that is on a club chair in the condo. The pillows add more color/print to the room and provides a comfortable seat for the window seats.

Last, I found this beautiful star burst mirror at Moss & Co. in Georgetown for another client. We are going to hang it over the headboard in a bedroom. I'll have to share a photo of it's final resting place once we get it hung.

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