Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes, I'm one of those...

I watch the Bachelor. I've watched almost every season since it began when I was in college. I have fond memories of my best friends/roommates from college gathering around the television with wine and junk food anticipating the antics we would observe from this ridiculous show - and every year, we would yell at the t.v. at the insane girls who go on this show, throwing out our criticisms and opinions, and every year we would watch. I recall one year, my friend Kelly either had too much wine or just got too heated over the controversies that she broke a wine glass. We were loyal fans.

I just got in from Miami late last night, so I have lots to catch up on today. However, I will make sure by 8 pm that I will be situated in front of the t.v. to see who Brad picks. I think I can talk the Mister into joining me. He secretly likes to watch too:)

For now, enjoy this insightful graphic The Washington Post included today about the incredibly sad success rate this show has had in producing marriages. Still, despite statistics, I still watch.

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  1. Oh girl. Me too! And if he does not pick Emily tonight I will be VERY shocked and disappointed!!!