Thursday, April 14, 2011


I know it's been a week or so since I lasted posted. Things are swimming along here over at Haddon Interiors. I'm juggling about 9 projects right now, and although I wish I could post some pictures to prove it, unfortunately completed, photo-ready projects take awhile to come to fruition. Soon very soon, I promise.

I'm in the middle of a kitchen renovation, and I look forward to sharing the before and after shots as it's a kitchen in a Capitol Hill row house (those kitchens are like playing a Tetris game since there is limited space). There are a few living room/dining room redesigns, a newly constructed breakfast nook and a fun basement project which entails chalkboard paint. So I hope you keep checking in for update photos on these projects.

I did want to share a fabulous ottoman I came across by the new Lilly Pulitzer furniture line. Even though I'm from the South, I was never a Lilly Pulitzer fan, however, I am loving their new furniture line debuting soon. I've been looking for a round, storage ottoman for a client for their living room. This has been somewhat difficult to find since storage ottomans are usually squares or rectangles where you can place the hinge on side. I was close to just designing something myself until I found this:

(via Real Simple - not available until this summer)

It's also the perfect size I've been hunting for - 36" in diameter. Of course I'm planning on having it reupholstered, but my client has a one year old and this will provide toy/shoe storage plus offer a safe, cushioned jungle gym for him to crawl all over. Thank you, Lilly Pulitzer!

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