Friday, April 29, 2011

The Kiss That Was Seen Around the World

(Via OK Magazine)

I was up with the rest of the country to watch the royal nuptials this morning. The Mister was sweet to join me after I enticed him with fresh coffee and bacon!

It cracks me up how the Today Show had a "count down to the kiss" ticker on the screen. Isn't kissing an expected part of any wedding ceremony? Rumor has it that Will is not a fan of PDA, so he was very gracious to offer up two kisses! Poor thing was blushing during the entire ceremony.

I only wish the best for Will and Kate. I cannot imagine what was going through Kate's head as she took those vows. She certainly looked the part of a princess and she seemed so at ease as she walked down the aisle.

PS. I love the little bridesmaid on the left in the photo above. It looks like she has had enough of the kissing spectacle!

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