Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of a project underway. We have just started to implement the design plan, so I'll share some photos of the progress so far.

This particular project entails redoing a dining room, living room, hallway and bedroom. We recently had the dining/living room area and hallway repainted including the stairs. It's amazing the difference just a little (well, relatively speaking) paint makes. My clients live in a beautiful row house on the Hill (with their absolutely adorable kids) that has most if not all the original architectural details. We are bringing in a new color scheme to the down stairs, hence the paint job, and we thought we'd give the stairs a little face lift as well.

Here is a shot of the fabrics and colors we are infusing in the new spaces.

As I mentioned before, these clients live in a beautiful row house with traditional details. However, their personal taste leans a bit more toward a modern, clean lined aesthetic. In order to mix the two styles (I believe that the architecture of a home needs to not necessarily match the interiors but they need to "speak" to each other) I selected a beautiful botanical embroidery that is a stylized, fresh take on the traditional botanical prints. I then paired the botanical with a great, textured, strie woven orangey/red fabric and pulled out the blue with a plain, woven accented with a graphic Greek Key trim. I can't wait to see these applied and in the room -stay tuned!

STAIRS BEFORE: I thought I had a picture, but I realized I didn't take one! Just imagine a walnut brown stain on these stairs....


We are adding a sisal stair runner bound in a coral/red color, which will really pop against the black and white!

I also had two custom mantles designed and installed for this same client. When I first met with them, they had a fireplace in both the dining and living room areas downstairs but with no mantles. Now, they have a place to hang stockings!



Adding a mantle really finished off the fireplace and gave the room more stature. There is a matching mantle in the dining area to the left of this one.

So that is a little teaser for now as there is more work to be done before the project is complete!

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