Friday, July 15, 2011

Bobbie Medlin

A few Saturdays ago, the Mister and I were in Georgetown, and I stumbled into a fantastic "new" store, Bobbie Medlin. I say "new" because Bobbie has actually had her store for a few years but she had been located in a more obscure store front in Georgetown. Her new location at 2900 M Street, NW is a beautiful space on the corner of M and 29th where she has created a stunning display of her jewelry and antiques that she curates from her travels.

I stopped in and ended up chatting with Bobbie for a good hour and half. She has such a wonderful, warm personality, and it's clear she is passionate about her store. Her passion lies with finding antique accouterments from all over the world and turning them into wearable art. Among many of the items you'll find creatively displayed in her boutique are Indian pendants strung on crystal beads, African ivory bracelets hung on beads made from buffalo horns, and a Tibetan prayer box hung among turquoise beads. It's hard not to ohh and ahh as you rove around her shop as each piece has such a interesting story.

A gorgeous conversation piece!

African trading shells make for a delicate necklace.

Bobbie also keeps her eyes peeled for antique, whimsical treasures as she travels and you can find these items tucked away in lovely vignettes in her store - each one captivating you as you discover them.

That wonderful antique, French wood pail would be the perfect complement hung beside a fire place.

I would LOVE to use this fabulous fixture in a foyer or in a dining room somewhere!

I'm an official Bobbie Medlin fan, and hopefully my frequent stops won't label me as a stalker. My birthday is coming up in September, and I told her I may just have to send my husband in....

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