Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Foyer Tables

This past weekend I went back to NC for a wedding. I grew up in a small-ish town called Mooresville, and it's your standard "Main Street" town but it has continued to grow due to urban sprawl. There are a few antique type stores on Main St., although it's usually a hodge podge of cast offs with maybe a treasure stuck in there somewhere! Well, I popped into one store because I was curious and I always get this small flutter of excitement with the hope I will leave with an amazing piece (I get that same flutter any time I'm at TJ Maxx and Lohman's too). After perusing the store, I stopped to stare at this beauty:

The base is made of beautiful bamboo and has a leather top. I just thought this was a fabulous piece and only for $250!!!!! I was crazy to leave it, but unfortunately we don't have room for it. I think I'll tell my mom to keep an eye on it for me:)

I love the idea of foyer tables if you have the space. Here are a few pics that had me dreaming of sugar plums and the possibilities of using this table! :

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