Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor Day Getaway!

This post is a bit belated as Labor Day was a couple of weeks ago, but bare with me. The Mister and I, along with a couple of friends took off for the Eastern Shore of Maryland that meant to be just a day trip to St. Michael's and a few of the surrounding towns. However, what ensued was a little adventure that led us to bit of paradise.

After spending most of the day driving around the Eastern Shore on Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we found ourselves in the quiet, little town of Oxford, MD. This sleepy town is about 30 min. from St. Michael's, and as we pulled in I felt we had stumbled onto a movie set. We parked the car and just started walking, and you can literally walk the whole town it's so small. Our sights fell on tree lined streets with THE CUTEST houses that felt very Nantucket-ish. There was a public park that ran along the water with a tiny beach sprinkled with little kids running in and out of the water collecting shells. There were not many shops, but most of Oxford was filled with a few local stores, a handful of B&Bs, several boat docks and people just walking and riding bikes. On a whim, we ended up deciding to stay the night at the Robert Morris Inn, which I highly recommend. Here are a few pics below that I took, and I know this is a little slice of heaven I hope to return to in the near future.

I was obsessed with this house! I love the turquoise door.

No, this is not my bike, but it was just sitting there asking me to hop on.
(Sorry for the extremely short shorts! Because we had not planned on spending the night, we had a fun adventure at a near-by Wal-Mart. I was challenged to find a decent cute outfit, and unfortunately all the shorts were not any longer than the pair I donned!)


Another favorite house! Love the front porch. Love the pebbled driveway. Love the nautical flags.
Love that across the street is the water.

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  1. So fun!!! That area is gorgeous...Hope and Joe got married in St. Michael's and it was such a great spot for a wedding. We kept seeing other guests and the family wandering around the street and on the front porches! It would be a fun place to have a weekend retreat, huh?
    PS: I love the short shorts on you! ;)