Wednesday, September 30, 2009

French Dehors

The Mister and I took a small hiatus a couple of years ago and traveled to Europe for 2 months. It was the most amazing trip, and we both came back inspired by the European lifestyle. I think we took over 1,ooo pictures, and most of the shots were captured the architectural beauty of our surroundings.

Of all the places we visited, I must say France was my favorite...I know, it's so cliche, but the French must be doing something right for everyone to fall in love with them! I love so many types of design styles, but I'm always pulled toward the simple, effortless style of the French. Whether it's food, fashion or interiors, the French always look pull together but in a "grab a glass of wine and let's sit and chat" kind of way.

I wanted to share a few photos I took while in France to visually explain what I mean, I also want to share with you a new resource I found while perusing one of my interior magazines:

They sell reproduction and original French planters, spouts, statues, fireplace mantles, lighting, and much more. Their products are the most authentic garden antiques inspired from country manors to chateaux.

They also offer wonderful lighting and flooring that is reclaimed from old buildings around the country.

Last, here are a few photos I shot that are filed away in my decorating files for future use!

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