Friday, June 11, 2010


Friends, it's been awhile since I last posted. Between renovating my own home and a large client load, blogging has been put near the end of my list to-dos! However, the house has been progressing and I'm headed over there today to take a few more "update" pictures for you so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I scored some awesome wrought iron twin headboards at an estate sale this morning ($25 a piece!). Estate sales are great ways to find some neat treasures if you are the type that enjoys the thrill of the hunt! I barely have a competitive bone in my body, but oddly I found myself sizing up the other potential consumers this morning as we waited outside in line for the doors to open. I had my eye on these puppies when they first appeared in my email to go in our new guest room, so I needed to concoct my strategy - should I make a bee line towards them to beat other buyers or could I take my time to peruse the house? I decided to not risk it, so I headed straight to the bedrooms to find them. When I laid my eyes on them it was like the interior design heavens opened and I began to quietly sing hallelujah to myself:)

(the teeny picture doesn't do them justice)

My inspiration for these headboards comes from this week's post on Design Sponge of the home of Susan and William Brinson in NYC. William is a photographer who often uses his own home to shoot. I love their duvet cover and those fabulous twin headboards!

(photo via Design Sponge)

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  1. LOVE these. I will have to start looking for P's big girl bed soon...hmmmm....maybe I can follow you around to some estate sales! :)