Monday, July 26, 2010


Folks, it's been a loooong couple of months with the climax hitting during these past two weeks. I am sure I left you wondering if we finished the renovations or if we just canned the whole thing and left town (which at different points that idea wasn't too far from my mind!). Between moving in, living with friends for a week and then getting a nasty virus that put me out for a week, I'm finally feeling a bit more organized and balanced. I do have pictures to prove that we are nearly finished, and I'm writing to you from my new home office albeit it's filled with boxes.

Backing up a bit, I'm posting some photos below of the progress that was made over the past month.

As you can see above, we got the walls we demo-ed. Opening up the walls and door ways really makes the first floor feel larger and really bright as we get great sunlight through our windows.

The arch over the kitchen doorway has been dry walled. I love this small design detail and the way it connects to the arch over the stairway.

Our first day of painting was successful! Several of our gracious friends came over to help us get started.

Walls are painted!

Here is a better shot of the ceiling and walls. I chose to go with white walls and a blue ceiling (Ben Moore's Palladium Blue) because my inspiration for the whole house is based off of my favorite Schumacher print Chiang Mai Dragon. The ground color of the fabric matches the blue I used on the ceiling. This fabric is going on a round ottoman in our living room.

Miraculously our floor guys were able to sand down our 100 year old floors and salvage them! Between the first and second floor they only had to replace 37 boards.

Foyer light is hung...I love this pendant! We plan to paint the stairs black and white.

We chose to do a dark stain on the floors. I love the contrast between the dark floors and white walls.

....and no more red house!

The Mister and I wanted our first house to be young and fun - not take ourselves too seriously. Because the former owner had stripped the house of all it's architectural nuances, I had the freedom to go a bit more eclectic and clean lined. The "canvas" of the house is black and white with pops of bold color. We are still painting the upstairs and kitchen, so I'll those pictures posted in a bit. We have company coming Labor Day weekend so that is our goal is get everything done by then! Once we are closer to full completion, I'll give you a house tour....I promise!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it!!! Can't wait to see it the next time we are in town, all completed and gorgeous! :)

  2. Kat, it looks awesome!! I can't wait to come visit this fall & see the finished product! Congrats to you and Ron!! (p.s.- to answer your question about my Roman shades, I had them made by a lady here. I can give you more details later if you want!) Miss you!