Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obsessed...Barrie Benson

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Being from North Carolina, I'm always proud when I come across great artists from my neck of the woods. Barrie Benson, a fellow Tarheel, would be one of those artists. To say she is a master of design is not enough in my book. This woman is at the top of my list in my book of "design heroes."

I believe Barrie just recently launched a new website as I'd never seen her site before, but I was glued to her new site for at least an hour. Have you ever gotten so excited about something that you just want to jump out of your skin? Not sure if that is healthy or not, but I couldn't help myself from drooling as I perused her site.

Barrie has not only a sophisticated eye, but she has a talent for melding sophistication with whimsy through her unusual color choices and her fabulous taste in art work. She has the ability to keep within the architectural period of an old house but put her fresh spin on it by reinventing antiques and unusual color schemes. I should have just put a link to her site and called it a day because I've pulled so many photos to share with you. However, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.

Love the Kilim rug in this simple, sweet bathroom.


I'd like to move right into this kitchen. It's nice to see a darker kitchen since all white and marble kitchens are everywhere. I adore the artwork in the dining room too.

Barrie used fresh colors in this old house to liven it up. Again, I need that artwork!

Precious kid's room. The eclectic feel makes this room not thematic
but yet is clearly for a child.

A bachlorette's haven.


all interior photos via www.barriebenson.com

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