Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Knock, Knock...Anyone out there?

It's been a longer hiatus than I imagined! If you are reading this blog, I'm very grateful as I clearly haven't been the best at blogging the last 3 months! Why do you ask? I'm not sure...of course I can give you a few excuses: it was summer, travel, busy at work. Although many of these excuses were partly true, I think the main reason was I just didn't feel like it. Not a good excuse, I know.

I admire real bloggers...not just convenient bloggers, like myself. However, I truly want to turn over a new leaf. I do enjoy blogging when I sit down to do it and when I have some fantastic news to share or a drool-worthy interior to post, but I'm going to try a new formula. Rather than wait for something to post I deem worthy, I want to try and post more frequently by giving every day, and at times mundane experiences blog-worthiness.

I think the ushering in of fall is a perfect time to turn over this new leaf :)

So I'll start with the changes happening at Haddon Interiors! I've been working on some exciting projects, and business has been keeping me happily employed. So much so, that it time to hire an assistant! It's a scary step, but rather than turn down new projects or put clients on a waiting list, I am needing a right-wing person, and extra set of hands!

The office has gotten a bit of a makeover to welcome this new person in, and now I just have to find this fabulous, new assistant. If you, your roommate, best friend, second-removed cousin is interested, please contact me!

Below are the details:

POSITION: Part-time design assistant
COMPANY: Haddon Interiors 
LOCATION: Washington, DC
HOURS: Tues. & Thurs. (10am-3pm) with potential to grow

DESCRIPTION: Haddon Interiors is looking for an enthusiastic  and hardworking design assistant to join their team!  Applicant must be responsible, detail-oriented, proactive, flexible and able to take direction well. A dog-lover is preferred, as Max, the schnauzer, is part of the team as well. Proficiency in Word, QuickBooks and social/media is preferred. Design background would be a plus, but not required. A car is a must as many tasks require dropping and picking up samples, returning fabric memos and meeting with contractors. 

*Sourcing and pricing  furniture and fabrics
*Creating estimates and processing project orders
*Communicating with vendors and clients
*Attending client meetings with designer
*Running errands
*Writing/posting blog entries
*Making sure nothing slips through the cracks!

If interested, please send cover letter and resume to Kathrynivey@haddoninteriors.com

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