Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1
I recently read over at Style Court that Mrs. Sommers has launched her new web site, and
it. is. beautiful. She has taken a fresh, artistic approach to her site (love her bios!), and her portfolio has been updated with gorgeous new projects.

I've been an admirer of Ruthie Sommers for some time now, and even though I never made it out to her L.A. store, Chapman Radcliffe, I was saddened when I heard they had closed. However, news of Ruthie's new web site cleared my tears, and I plan to sift through her new portfolio this evening. Enjoy!

Fun Fact #2
The new issue of Lonny launches in just a couple of days! I'm gonna need to go ahead and tell the Mister not to bother me for about 2 hours while I peruse the new issue with a magnifying glass:)

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