Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'd like to make an introduction....

Virginia Johnson, meet my
five readers. Readers, meet Virginia Johnson.

Virginia, who graduated from Parson's and worked for Helmut Lang, as come to be well known in the fashion world for her illustrations. It's no surprise that Kate Spade scooped her up as her illustrations are a perfect visual display of the Kate Spade brand. In 2001, she began her own line of textiles and books where she creates designs using watercolor which are then silk screened onto scarfs, bags, clothes, children's wear and home wear.

I may be late to the ball game, but I just discovered the famed illustrator and textile-creator, Virginia Johnson. It all started when I went to the book signing for Deborah Needleman's new book, The Perfectly, Imperfect Home. I salivated over the interior illustrations, and immediately googled the illustrator. Thanks to the web, I was opened to the world of Virginia Johnson where I discovered she had done work for Kate Spade - fitting!

Then, it wasn't until my recent trip to New York where Viriginia and I met again. I was roaming around the John Derian store, and picked up the most STUNNING scarf. I oohed and aahed over it. Then as if the stars aligned, I noticed the scarf was signed, Virginia Johnson. How could this be? I could now find constant enjoyment of her work by wearing it every day! Alas, the price tag beckoned for $195 buckaroos. Having already spent way too much in the Big City, I pushed myself out of the store without said scarf in hand. I have continued to dream about it, and am now considering making the purchasing plunge since it's 30% off on her site. I told the Mister that this would be an investment piece. He scoffed when I said "investment" as there is no financial return on investment. However, I beg to differ - the return on investment is pure joy every day.

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