Monday, January 30, 2012

Office Space

The only time the Mister (Ron) and I "work together" is when he decides to work from home. I love these days as we tend to get a lot done separately, but it's nice to call the other over to ask an opinion. I always thought we'd be good work partners in the future, and we are always dreaming up new business ventures or projects together...we'll shall see!

Ron certainly has a very creative side, and although he is a "consultant," his firm is very creative in their business model and approach to solving problems. They use a lot of visual tools such as capturing a meeting's outcomes through the use of graphic facilitation. The firm is also getting ready to undergo a rather large renovation to make the space larger, more functional and aesthetically speak more to their brand. They are using OTJ Architects who are a group of wildly talented designers, and they have come up with an impressive space design.

The interior design aspect of it needed a bit of tweaking, so Ron asked me to come on board to help collaborate with the overall vision. Ron is a founding partner, so I've been in and around conversations relating to their brand and aesthetic. I love that he is passionate about this piece of the design and we share an appreciation for aesthetically pleasing environments. We met together with the architects last week to revise the interior plan a bit. It was so much fun working together on this, and it made me inspired to write a post about how important the design of a workspace plays into not only productivity but just being excited to go to work every day!

I think DC, historically, has been labeled as a either a cubicle world or with a good ol' boy traditional aesthetic. However, things are changing, and I'm excited to see the recent introduction of more creative, modern work spaces. My first job was in cubicle land, and the design-minded part of me hated it! It was so uninspiring and mundane. I still remember walking in and thinking, "How do you come to an office like this every day for 10+ years!" Thankfully, I was only there for about 2 years. Being young and not yet clued-in that interior design was my calling, I chose my next job based on 60% "the job" and 40% on location and aesthetic. I know, it sounds shallow - but my work environment directly correlates to my productivity! I swear. I ended up landing at a fun, nonprofit consulting company that created strategic development plans and planned large fundraising dinners and events. I loved it. Even better - the office was house in an old carriage house in Georgetown and my workspace was in a large room with windows all down one wall. I looked forward going to work every day even if I had a stressful schedule that day. I was motivated by my workspace.

I think a space needs to be creative and exciting regardless if the company you work for is in an artistic field or not. Your space says a lot to your clients when they walk in the door - it's your first impression.

via Inc.

A new medical group, One Medical Group, has come to realize the importance about the design of their space. They offer wonderful health care in a beautiful, relaxing space. Gone are the cold, hard chairs in the white and brown waiting room. Instead, they offer flannel robes and soft sheets in a colorful, fresh setting. Sign me up!

Interior design is not just for homes - it affects all areas of life. And I bet, even if you are a pure function over design type person, that you would choose to work at the "prettier" office :)


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