Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Home vs. 2nd Home

(image via NY Times)

I was having lunch with a friend the other day, and we were discussing how wonderful it would be to have a vacation home. Nothing fancy, just a "place" where family and friends can meet for holidays, long weekends, and spontaneous getaways. I started thinking about this and images from the movie Dan in Real Life popped into my head...I love that movie! In particular, I love how they had a family lake house that was old and shabby but in a quaint, charming way, and everyone knew where to show up when the family was getting together. I think older homes that are well-lived in are like the Velveteen may have some "worn" areas, but it's just a telling sign it's been well loved.

So in thinking of this idea of a second home, I came across this wonderful article in the New York Times about a young couple who lives/works in NYC, but decides the first home they would buy would be a weekend home in the Catskills. They find a fixer-upper, spend around $12,000 in renovations, including decorating the house (I'm sure it helped the wife was an interior designer)! I showed this article to the Mr., and we were inspired. Maybe we should peruse the listings for a cabin in the Shenandoahs for our first home purchase!

Check out this little jewel!


  1. I LOVE that idea! assuming that the sister will always be welcome :-)

  2. Sounds like such fun...we've talked about that too, it still seems far away but wouldn't it be SO much fun to have a get away you can use with friends and family?? And I love the idea of having a second place to decorate in a different way than your usual house.