Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Heartbeat of a Home

(all images via Cottage Living)

Kitchens have always been called "the heart of a home," and I truly believe in that statement. It's always the place where friends naturally congregate when you are entertaining, it's the headquarters for a family - where you gather to eat together, where the kids do their homework, and where you sit and enjoy your morning with coffee and the paper. When the Mr. and I took our 2 month hiatus to Europe, we always found ourselves sitting around the kitchen table of our various hosts talking late into the night while filling ourselves with hot tea and cookies.

I know for my future kitchen, I want to make sure to get it right...and to not skimp on the details of this all too important room of the house. I thought I'd share what I think to be something of the "must-haves" of a great kitchen:

THE PANTRY - this room/closet should be easily accessible, and of course not overlooked when it comes to decorating it. I love the mirrored doors and how the inside door has been wallpapered - it's like a little surprise every time you open the pantry doors!

A BANQUETTE - I love "nooks" and if the room can handle a breakfast nook with a banquette, I consider it a must! The space encourages sit-down meals together and lazy mornings with the paper and coffee. (I'd take the kid to go along with it too!)

THE FARMHOUSE SINK - This sink is not only good-looking but extremely functional...the ideal balance between form and function. Traditionally, these types of sinks can cost a pretty penny. However, Ikea has provides a great cost-efficient model!

THE WORKSPACE - My kitchen tends to be where the mail , the keys, and the calendar of life etc. all pile up. Having a place to keep it organized in one location would be divine!

THE ATTACHED OUTDOOR LIVING AREA - I love how this space is connected to the kitchen through the French doors. It makes complete design sense to have an outdoor living area right off of the kitchen, so all you have to do is step inside to refresh drinks. I can just imagine using this area during fall mornings for my coffee and paper!

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