Monday, August 24, 2009

Dog Couture

Meet Max...he's a handsome fella with a bark that is bigger than his bite (and he doesn't bite!). When we were looking to get Max, I naturally got really excited about all the fun "accessories" to buy him. Now, I have to clarify - I'm not a fan of clothes or car goggles or jewelry for dogs (all though I do get a kick out of it when I come across a dog donning any of the above) - but I do like a handsome collar, tasteful dog beds, etc. Below are a few things I consider "dog couture."


I absolutely love this fabric! Peter Fasano is the original creator of this great, whimsical pattern. Most of his designs are available in both fabric and wallpaper. However, Country Swedish has made their own version that is a bit easier on the wallet. I plan to make a dog bed cover out of this for Mr. Max!

I love this needlepoint, graphic collar from Harry Barker. This company has got the right idea - all their products are quality and in good design.
Again, more great patterns from Peter Fasano! This one is called Dotty, and I think it would look fabulous in a powder room. It has a glamorous appeal to it. I would mix it with a fabulous gold mirror and some bold red accents!

Also from Peter Fasano, this pattern is called Pitter Patter. How fun would it be for kids if you covered your mud room walls with this!?

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