Friday, August 14, 2009

It's All in the Details

One element that sets "interior design" apart from just furnishing an interior with any ol' stuff is detail. It's the careful thought of adding an extra pleat, fold, bit of trim to curtains, a particular finish on hardware, and the texture and pattern of a fabric that tunes the entire room to a perfect harmony. I wanted to leave you this Friday with a few pictures of details that add a powerful yet understated punch to a room. Enjoy!

(image via Lindsay Harper Interiors)

I love this idea/memo board with all it's various colors which ties in the green limes, yellow lemons, and fabulous blue Chippendale just sings to me!

(I'm not sure where I pulled this image from...suggestions?)

The Greek key trim and inverted pleats add a soft sophistication to this table skirt. I love the subtle banding around the top of the skirt too.

(Again, I'm not sure where I pulled this image from...suggestions?)

Two things to notice here - the wonderful architectural remnant above the door frame and the painted handrail in a beautiful bluish-grey that correlates to the floor. Again, it just sings!

(I'm sorry, I did it again. I'm not sure where I pulled this image from...suggestions?)

I love this little carved out reading nook. Painting the inside of the space creates a little jewel box - perfect for a cup of tea and a good book in the early morning or on a rainy day.

(Image via The Inspired Room)

What fabulous shutters and a perfect gas lantern to complement the curb appeal!

(Image via Pink Wallpaper)

Isn't wallpaper one of the best design concepts? Wallpapering the inside of this cabinet adds a just little punch. You could do the same with a more traditional china cabinet creating a younger, fresh look.

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