Monday, August 10, 2009

Dream Home

The hubby and I are still renters, and we live in a fantastic place to boot. However, I've decided to use these "renting years" to start collecting ideas for my dream home:) I'm not one who desires a multi-million dollar home but rather an older home, with nooks and crannies throughout the house, including a requirement that every room must be frequently used...or I don't need it!

I would love to buy a very small home and then build onto it as our family grows (although I am aware I am signing up for potential renovation stress). Maybe it's the 700 sq. feet that the hubby and I are in right now that has changed my perspective on how much space someone really needs. 700 sq. feet is perfect for us, and Max, the dog. Here are just a few items on my "must have" list:

(image via BlueStar)

I'm a nut for balanced doses of course. I would love to have a primarily neutral kitchen with pops of color such as this fabulous range! Look at how many colors it comes in!

Now I know the idea of chalkboard walls is a bit saturated at the moment, but I still love it. I would want one in my kitchen and of course in a children's bathroom or room.

(image via Pink Wallpaper)

Next, I would want an antique, claw foot tub in the master bath. However, I would paint the outside a delicious color. I can just imagine crawling into this after a long day with a glass of wine and a good book!

Now onto the family room. I have been in love with this Schumacher fabric, Chiang Mai Dragon, for so long. I have a memo of it that I have on my idea board so I can lovingly gaze at it every day:) I plan to make curtains out of them for my family room. I also would love to have a George Smith sofa upholstered in a chocolate or golden brown mohair. Mohair is one of my favorite fabrics for upholstering pieces that would be in a well-lived room. It's cozy and durable.

(image via Schumacher)

(image via George Smith)

(image via Kravet)

I'm a big believer that homes should have the owner's personality spilling out of every room, in an organized fashion, of course! I love visiting friends homes and getting a sense of who they are just by stepping foot into a room. Homes are such intimate places of refuge - it should be the one place where you can truly and freely be yourself and in turn, your home accepts you, warts and all! There is no judgement when you walk in the front door after a long day.


  1. see now i just want to steal all your ideas! but i guess it wouldn't be stealing, if I paid you to decorate! one day, one day! hehehe I love it all. I want to say a fave thing, but i really love it all. though i don't think i keep my tub clean enough to relax in it, don't tell! but good for you! hehe

  2. I LOVE that stove, Kat! I recently saw some super cool artsy brightly colored refrigerators somewhere online that i'm too tired to look up now. i think the idea of a big pop of bright color is so fun, esp in a kitchen! And I agree w/ Julie I love all your ideas!

  3. love. the. tips. (i am calling them tips so that we can share, right?) 700 sq feet sounds luxurious! any suggestions for a mere 400 sq ft?